Bachelor of Science (taught in Hebrew)

Bachelor of Science studies at the Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment are varied, interdisciplinary and present many options to meet students' needs and interests.

teachThe required general courses are studied during the first 3 semesters, and are common to all faculty students. These include  introductory courses in chemistry, physics, mathematics, statistics, biology and biochemistry. The remainder of the degree program takes place in the framework of “hugim”, or study areas, with courses chosen from the area of expertise of each study areas.

“Hativot Limudim” are frameworks of study shared by two or more “hugim”,  consisting of bundles of courses intended to allow both focus and expansion of knowledge in areas of interest to students. Studies in a “hativat limudim” constitute a sub-specialisation in addition to the specialisation provided by the “hug” and will be noted on the student’s transcripts and diploma.

The faculty offers honours undergraduate students the option of doing research through the Amirim program. A student accepted to Amirim will complete a bachelor’s degree and carry out a research program under the guidance of a faculty member in his hug. The research project will comprise 25% of the bachelor’s degree.

A list follows of the study areas available for BSc studies.
In each “hug” there are several possible study tracks to choose from.

Areas of Study

Agroecology and Plant Health

Head: Dr. Yael Mandelik 08-9489224
Secretary: Ms. Orly Tal 08-9489223

Animal Sciences

Head: Dr. Lior David 08-9489038
Secretary: Ms. Yael Lewitus 08-9489119

Biochemistry and Food Science

Head: Prof. Ido Braslavsky 972 54 8820955
Secretary: Ms. Ravit Talmor 08-9489259


Head: Dr. Marganit Levy 08-9489162
Secretary: Ms. Orly Tal 08-9489223

Environmental Economics and Management

Head: Dr. Iddo Kan 08-9489233
Secretary: Ms. Miri Guy 08-9489230

Hotel, Food and Tourism Management

Head: Prof. Eyal Ert 08-9489375
Secretary: Ms. Gila Shoham 08-9489086

Nature Conservation and Landscape Management

Head: Prof. Jose Gruenzweig 08-9489782


Head: Prof. Efrat Monsonego Ornan 08-9489712
Secretary: Ms. Gili Avidor Gafni 08-9489265

The School of Nutrition offers a three-year undergraduate program leading to a degree of Bachelor of Science in Nutrition (B.Sc.Nutr.). After completing these studies, students are eligible to participate in an internship of six months in hospitals and public-health institutions in order to acquire the certificate of Registered Clinical Dietitian from the Ministry of Health.

Plant Sciences in Agriculture

Head: Prof. Jose Gruenzweig 08-9489781
Secretary: Ms. Iris Sobol 08-9489333

Soil and Water Sciences

Head: Prof. Rony Wallach 08-9489170
Secretary: Ms. Neomi Maimon 08-9489340

Program in Agriculture and the Environment

Head: Dr. Yael Helman
Secretary: Ms. Gila Shoham 08-9489086