Alumni Get Together 2016

Info for Visitors

Bus: Many bus lines stop in front of the Faculty, including lines 26, 164, 201, 274, 301, 367, 371

Train: The faculty is located a short walk south of the Rehovot train station. The train schedule is available here.

Car: Entrance for private cars must be arranged before visiting.

Accommodations:  The Reisfeld Residence is an affordable, quiet and comfortable on-campus housing facility for international and Israeli visitors.
To reserve a room, contact

Ms. Sophie Groysman

Tel: ++972-8-9489658
Fax: ++972-8-9463894


Alumni Reunion Lectures 2015

Reconnect with the Faculty!


Dear graduates,

swolf My name is Shmuel Wolf. I am a graduate of the Department of Field Crops and Vegetables (1979) and recently served as Dean of the Faculty.

I call upon you to help us reestablish contact with you, and with other graduates, who have studied here at the Faculty since its inception.

Our faculty has always been an especially warm, welcoming, informal place. For many of us, the faculty feels like home, and served as a greenhouse for our own growth.

I hope that you, like me, still have a soft spot in your heart for this place where we spent the most beautiful times of our life.

It is important to maintain the link between the generations of the faculty and its graduates. We believe that there is room to work together: to strengthen the public's knowledge of agriculture, food production and healthy eating habits, while at the same time protecting the environment.

Israeli agriculture has undergone many changes in recent years that have left their mark on the faculty. We want to keep you up to date, and benefit from your experience. To establish an active alumni group, we wish to update the contact information in the alumni database.

Please make sure we have information that will allow us to keep in touch. 

To update your contact information,  please click here.

In order for us to reach more graduates, we ask your assistance in sharing this request with graduates who may not have received this message.



Shmuel Wolf,