Office of Student Affairs

The local Office of Student Affairs  (mazkirut hora'ah vetalmidim) is responsible for planning and administering the Faculty's degree programs.

Main activities:

Preparing the course catalog; Planning and implementing the course schedule; Exam schedule; Reporting and publishing grades; Admissions; Orientation; Counseling; Registration; Credits; Requests and Appeals; Examination of the student's academic situation; Determining eligibility for a degree, and granting diplomas; Coordinating the faculty council and the teaching; Deferrals for reservists, student accounts.

Mailing Address:

The Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture Food and Environment

POB 12 Rehovot 76100

Function Name Telephone
Head of Dept., Learning disabilities, Special problems Anat Gazit Booton 08-9489431
Masters, Doctorate Mazi Shtein 08-9489189
Tuition, Reservists, Teaching Committee Orit Yoavi 08-9489190
Scholarships, Loans Mary Levy 08-9489331
Registration, Schedule changes Sivan Fidel 08-9489948
Eligibility for BSc, Prizes for Excellence Stavit Shochat 08-9489507
Course and Exam Schedule Riki Oz 08-9489479
Grades, Credits, and Exemptions Iris Ron 08-9489345

All correspondence with the office must include the following information:
Last name, first name, student ID, phone number, an updated address including postal code, and an email address. Students are responsible for keeping personal information, such as name and address, up to date.

Office Hours

Sunday-Thursday 10:00-12:00 and 13:00-15:00

During the first week of the semester: 8.30-12:00 and 13:00-15:00

To make an appointment for another time, call the office between 8.30-10:00, 12:00-13:00.

There are no office hours when the Faculty is closed (Fridays, holiday eve, middle days of festivals) and on some other days, as published by the university.

If asked, students must present a valid "student card". Office staff are to be treated politely, and office equipment is not to be touched without permission from a staff member.

Office hours are for dealing with individual student issues only.

Issues affecting groups of students should be dealt with through the Student Organization.

If a student receives poor service, the student should inform the head of the department in writing.

Distribution of Information

Important announcements are sent to students Hebrew University mail account.

Announcements are also posted on the Hebrew language web site, including exam schedules, changes in the course schedule, and all other announcements.

There is a bulletin board outside the office, where information is posted about scholarships and answers for reservists. In order to avoid misunderstandings and unpleasantness, students should check their university email account at least once a day and keep track of postings on the bulletin boards.

Written Inquiries

There is a mail-drop in door of the Office building, for leaving written inquiries for the teaching committee or staff members.