Master of Science

Studies for the Master of Science degree are a continuation of studies for the bachelors degree with an emphasis on gaining familiarity and expertise with research methods for a specific subject.

labThe details of the masters program differ from area to area, and include advanced courses, passing qualifying examinations and completing a research project for the research track/ There is also a non-research master’s track but it does not have the option of continuing on to a Ph.D. The qualifying exams will test the ability of the candidate to conduct independent research and the level of knowledge in the field. Master and Doctoral students are entitled to access to library resources, such as journals and databases, from home. For details, contact the computer center at 08-9489283.

Positions and Scholarships for Masters Students

The Faculty offers students teaching positions in accordance with the needs of the faculty. Scholarships are offered to students who excel at their studies, in accordance with rules posted at the beginning of each school year. Applicants are advised to inquire about teaching assistantships and scholarships when they submit their application.

Scholarship program for outstanding graduate students

Areas of Study

Agricultural Biotechnology

Head: Dr. Yael Mandelik 08-9489224
Secretary: Ms. Orly Tal 08-9489223

Agroecology and Plant Health

Head: Dr. Yael Helman 08-9489153
Secretary: Mrs. Rakefet Kalev 08-9489219

Animal and Veterinary Sciences

Head: Prof. Zvi Roth 03-9688589  08-9489535
Vice-Head: Prof. Ron Ofri 03-9688589 08-9489535
Secretary: Ms. Yael Lewitus 08-9489119

Biochemistry, Food Science and Nutrition

Head: Prof. Hagai Abeliovich 08-9489060
Secretary: Ms. Ravit Talmon 08-9489259
Secretary: Ms. Gili Avidor Gafni 08-9489265

Environmental Economics and Management

Head: Dr. Iddo Kan 08-9489233
Secretary: Ms. Miri Guy 08-9489230

Environmental Quality and Natural Resources in Agriculture

Head: Dr. Yael Helman 08-9489153
Secretary: Ms. Gila Shoham 08-9489086

Field Crops and Vegetables

Head: Dr. Rivka Elbaum 08-9489335
Secretary: Ms. Iris Sobol 08-9489333

Genetics and Breeding

Head: Dr. Zvi Peleg 08-9489638
Secretary: Ms. Iris Sobol 08-9489333


Head: Prof. Alexander Vainstein 08-9489082
Secretary: Ms. Iris Sobol 08-9489333

Plant Sciences in Agriculture

Head: Prof. David Weiss 08-9489436
Secretary: Ms. Iris Sobol 08-9489333

Soil and Water Sciences

Head: Prof. Rony Wallach 08-9489170
Secretary: Ms. Neomi Maimon 08-9489340