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Positions in Next Generation Agriculture

June 11, 2019

Rapid and drastic environmental, demographic and economic changes are putting an increasing burden on agriculture worldwide, threatening food security.
 The Hebrew University's Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment in Rehovot takes part in the search for solutions for tomorrow's agriculture. The interdisciplinary hub for Next Generation Agriculture allies theoretical, complex systems, and big data integration approaches from single cells to agricultural ecosystems to create innovative developments and applications. Join us in the quest.


2019 Diabetes Research Center Annual Meeting

March 29, 2019

Mitochondrial dysfunction and oxidative stress have been implicated in the pathology of chronic metabolic diseases associated with type 2 diabetes mellitus. In the last decade, tremendous progress has been made in understanding the mitochondrial structure, function and their physiology in metabolic syndromes such as diabetes, obesity, stroke, hypertension, liver and heart diseases.

Faculty Team Wins at iGem

Faculty Team Wins at iGem

November 4, 2018

One year ago, to the week, a group of driven students came to us with a exciting idea- they wanted to represent the Hebrew University of Jerusalem at iGEM- the worlds biggest synthetic biology competition.

After a year of hard work the results are in. Of over 300 teams our students' work was nominated for best software tool, won second place in the environmental project category, and won the best plant synthetic biology award!!

Congratulations to our winners who's achievements have made us very proud.

Masha Niv, vice dean for R&D, speaks with Tom Thompson, associate dean for global programs at the Virginia Tech College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, about developing partnerships between the two universities.

Virginia Tech and HUJI Collaboration

July 24, 2018

Virginia Tech and Hebrew University of Jerusalem to collaborate on research and student exchange

Although Virginia Tech and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem are separated by more than 6,000 miles, the two institutions have a lot in common.

Both universities are leading the charge to grow safe and nutritious food for a growing global population. Both are working to address the challenge of securing safe and healthy water for people around the world. And both are preparing a new generation of leaders to tackle these and many other issues that lay ahead.

It is for these reasons that the two leading research institutions are establishing a partnership to collaborate on research and development. The partnership will not only benefit their home countries, but citizens around the globe.


Chickpeas: Food of the Future

June 12, 2018

Hold the Steak; Chickpeas Are the Food of the Future    

Hummus – a world-famous mashed chickpea dish – is one of the most popular foods in Israel, and one whose true origins are hotly debated across the Middle East. It is said that this foodstuff was first made in Egypt, where there are recipes dating back as far as the 13th century.  Prof. Ram Reifen, a Hebrew University Medical Faculty graduate, pediatrician and an expert in children’s nutrition and digestive diseases, has devoted more than 15 years of research to this field. He created ChickP, a powder comprised of 60% to 90% from which milk- and meat-substitutes will be manufactured, along with high-protein energy snacks, beverages and more.