Interdepartmental Equipment Unit

State-of-the-art scientific equipment adapted to the needs and requirements of  researchers is one of the cornerstones of innovative scientific research.

The use of  innovative equipment makes it possible to deepen the understanding of structures and processes to advance science.

The high cost and technical complexity of scientific equipment require professional care and strict adherence to careful work procedures. This justifies creating an interdisciplinary unit to acquire and operate scientific equipment, and provide access and guidance to researchers.

In the Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment , the Department of Interdepartmental Equipment (better known as the "Zabam") is constantly developing and progressing. It is able to offer a wide range of devices to meet the needs of the faculty's researchers and  enable high quality research. A skilled and experienced staff helps use the equipment and interpret resulting data.

The unit can be used by faculty researchers, researchers from other academic institutions and from the private market.

Zabam (Interdepartmental Equipment Unit) Site

FACSI - Faculty of Agriculture Center for Scientific Imaging

Analytical services

We offer analytical services for various applications. Services can include method development, sample preparation, and data analysis. A selection of analytical services is offered to the general public.

Please contact Dr. Orit Gal Gerber at:

Or for further details, call 054-8820124.

The lab is open Sunday through Thursday, 8:00 to 17:00.

For use after hours, please call 08-9489152lab