Computing Services


Academic and administrative staff - Software can be purchased using the Computing Authority's "micro-shop". The computer unit can assist in installing purchased software if needed (contact hotline 08-9489283).

Students - Various software is available to students for academic purposes.
For more information, visit the Berel Ginges Australia Computer Farm website.

Software installed on public computers in the computer farms, computer classrooms and library:
spss, sas, jmp, matlab, arcinfo, mathematica and more.
For advice on classroom software or to request additional software, please contact Avi Timor 08-9489147.

Gis - To install arcinfo software on yor computer, contact the GIS Center managed by Adi Ben-Nun.
Phone 86345/81445/84469.

Multimedia classrooms

There are approximately 50 classrooms equipped with multimedia devices around campus.
Each classroom has computers, a projector, speakers and a network connection.
Call the Secretariat for Teaching Matters 08-9489479 to reserve a classroom.
In the event of computer malfunction, call the computer unit hotline 08-9489283.

Pc classes

PC class coordination is done by calling 08-9489283 or emailing,
who will also verify that required software is available.
In these 3 classrooms, there are projectors that can be controlled by software installed on the teacher's computer.  There is also software for controlling students' screens. The classrooms are located in the Aharonson building (2 classrooms) and the IKA building (one classroom).

Moodle  - Online teaching

Support and training in using Moodle for teaching is available from Dvorah Weisman 08-9489232  or email -

Learn Moodle Basics - videos     HUJI Teaching and Learning Center      Features unique to HUJI moodle

Communication on campus

Wired communication - The campus network is a closed network. New computers must be registered before connecting, are they will not have access to the network. To connect desktops in labs and offices, call 08-9489283 for coordination. To connect laptops to the wired network, get help at the computer farm under the cafeteria 08-9489884. To order additional communication points for laboratories and offices, contact Avi Timor on 08-9489147 or email

Wireless communication - Most campus classrooms are covered by a wireless network.
To get help connecting to the campus wireless network, contact the staff in the computer farm under the cafeteria.

PC support in labs and offices

To schedule help for computers in labs and offices (installing software, setting up printers, backing up, antivirus, and troubleshooting), call the hotline at 08: 30-15: 00 on 08-9489283.

Software Insurance

The PCs in the faculty departments can be insured.
Insurance provides up to 20 hours a year for operating system and software malfunctions.
To join the software insurance system, call Ariella Barak 89145 or email:

Macs/Linux on campus

For Mac  and Linux operating systems support, contact Dvorah Weisman on 08-9489232 or email -

Computing equipment

University authorized suppliers and prices are listed in the site of the University's Finance Department.

An OTP password generator for connecting to the university network from off-campus can be purchased from the computer unit.

Researchers and employees can get the following computer equipment in the computer unit by appointment:

Communication cables, power and VGA video
19 inch square screens
Keyboards and mice if there are available