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The Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment has been a major contributor to Israel's remarkable achievements in agriculture, through its groundbreaking research and education of generations of students. 

The world around us is changing, there is growing awareness of the state of the environment, and there is growing concern due to the over-exploitation of natural resources by mankind. Reduction of water and food resources combined with population growth can lead to hunger. This "new world" has led the Faculty to commit to a responsible role in preserving the environment for future generations, and while doing so, to continuously search for ways to increase sustainable food and water resources.



Ministry of Education @edu_il Israel Prize Prof Dani ZamirCongratulations to Prof. Danny Zamir, who won the Israel Prize in the field of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences. Minister of Education, Rabbi Rafi Peretz informed Zamir today and congratulated him. The award committee consisted of Prof. Jonathan Gressel, Chairman, Prof. Miriam Altstein-Schwartz, Prof. Shimon Gaffstein, and Prof. Uri Minglegrin.

Among its reasons, the committee noted: "The Israel Prize is awarded to Prof. Danny Zamir for the cultivation and improvement of tomato and other crops. Prof. Zamir has developed a population of cultured tomatoes containing DNA from wild tomatoes that impart resistance to stressors like dryness and salt, and resistance to plant diseases. Prof. Zamir is a leading researcher in the field, with international recognition and collaborations, and has contributed and contributed greatly to Israeli and world agriculture. "

Symposium:  Resilience of  Mediterranean vegetation to climate change: From the individual  to the ecosystem ag conference