Shorter Winters, but Bigger Forests

Although this winter was a classic, pleasant winter, it is not a representative example of recent winters.

A conversation with Dr. Efrat Sheffer from the Institute of Plant Sciences and Genetics in Agriculture, who studies how climate change will affect natural vegetation in Israel.
Her research showed - by analyzing data from the last 45 years - that everything we felt was true:
The dry season is getting longer, and the wet season is getting shorter and more extreme. We all feel thistrend.

One of her main goals was to test whether a change in the rain regime would affect the adaptation of local vegetation to local climatic conditions in the future.
Although there has been a decrease in the number of small shrubs in Israel, there is also good news: the oak tree is on the rise and in general, sraeli forests are growing, becoming denser, contrary to forecasts. So not everything is bad, and even if bad - at least it will be green.