Creative thinking in the teaching of natural sciences (in Hebrew)


bookIn this book about creative thinking in the teaching of natural sciences, you will find insights into teaching scientific subjects in a creative way.

The book relies on the author's forty years of experience in teaching and research in the Faculty of Agriculture of the Hebrew University and teaching in the educational system in all its frameworks, kindergartens, schoolchildren, students and teachers. The purpose of the book is to encourage and nurture unconventional thinking - sometimes called "out of the box thinking", "creative thinking" or "higher order thinking" - in teaching scientific subjects. The book is designed to enhance the skills and ability of teachers, professors, science students, students and naturalists to think creatively when they study, teach or observe nature.

The book presents examples of teaching diverse subjects. Each example stands on its own in a way that arouses the curious reader to say with amazement: "How did I not think of it before?" The author's experience shows that the skills of self-reflection and the ability to criticize are not taught in the educational system in an orderly fashion. The book attempts to open a window for the curious observer to see things in a different way than usual.

Prof. Eliezer (Eli) Zamski is Professor emeritus of the Hebrew University. He has published over 100 scientific articles in the professional literature, wrote and edited six science books in Hebrew and English and three books in non-scientific fields in Hebrew. Prof. Zamski was formerly Chief Scientist of the Nature and Parks Authority and president of the Achva Academic College.

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Last updated on 06/15/2017