Wednesday Afternoon Concerts

14 September, 2021

You are cordially invited to a series of concerts

hosted by The Faculty of Agriculture of The Hebrew University, at

The Ariovitch Auditorium

- Free Admission -

The concerts will take place once a month on Wednesday, at 13:00, and will last around 1 hour


Outdoor Concert



Ensemble Mezzo    Greek, Ladino and Israeli songs



Yeela Avital, soprano

Assaf Kacholi, tenor

Doret Florentin, recorders

Gideon Brettler, classical guitar

Nadav Rogel, percussions




Gilad Harel, clarinet,

with Carmel String Quartet


Haydn, Mozart



Rachel Ringelstein, Tali Goldberg, violins

Yoel Greenberg, viola

Tami Waterman, cello





Jerusalem Music Centre

The David Goldman Programme for Outstanding Young Musicians


 Beethoven, Shostakovich



The Stern Quartet



Ravani Loushy Kay, Shai Loustig, violins

Daniel Ron, viola

Noey Gvili , cello




Quartet Thalamus



Dufay, Rossi, Admon, Shemer, Weil, and others


Naama Nazarathy Gordon, soprano

Shelly Berlinsky, alto

Yigal Kaminka, tenor

Oded Shomrony, bass




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