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Youth Science Enrichment

Community and Youth Authority

Among the green lawns and kibbutz-like atmosphere, alongside students and researchers,  science-loving school children  experience a unique learning experience that lets them taste of the learning and research that takes place in the Faculty of Agriculture, Food and the Environment.

Science-seeking youth in action
The Faculty of Agriculture has as its aims to promote agriculture for scientists and farmers, protecting and strengthening the economy, rehabilitating the environment,  increasing food production and  reducing global hunger. science-loving school children who come to the Faculty of Agriculture are introduced to these important subjects and goals through lab activities, lectures, tours of research facilities and fascinating encounters with young researchers.

The after-school and summer activities at the Science-Oriented Youth Center at the Rehovot campus have an experiential emphasis - the experience of asking scientific questions, doing research, discovery and invention, and actively acquiring knowledge.

The activities take place both on campus and in schools and community centers in neighboring cities and the periphery.  The programs are adapted to the age of the students and customized to the level and character of the group, in order to create a informal learning experience that encourages curiosity and eoncourages engagement with  our professional and experienced instructors. In Hebrew.

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Among our on-campus activities:

Science camps during the summer holidays and holidays, and during the school year.
Classes in the afternoons and as part of the school.
Weekly meetings for high school and middle school students to expose them to scientific activity: Representatives from junior high schools in neighboring cities come for a day of experiential activity on campus. The students experience activity in laboratories and hear fascinating lectures from young researchers. The goal of the project is to encourage young people to choose science subjects for high school.
Annual Research Programs for Outstanding Students: Meetings for students with high academic achievements and curiosity. Students conduct year-long research projects together with leading young researchers from the faculty,  according to the students' choice. At the end of the year they present their research.
Academy in schools: Students leave campus and travel to study centers to  bring the academy to the entrance to the classroom.
Scientific training for children in hospital.

Science in the periphery: Ongoing activities on campus as well as in schools and community centers. Aimed at children from the periphery who are less familiar with academia, both physically and socially.

So far, the project has been implemented in the towns of Sderot, Lod, Yavne, Kiryat Ekron and Kiryat Malachi, and will be expanded to of Beit Shemesh and more regional councils. The project is being carried out with the assistance of the Canadian Friends of the Hebrew University


In  Rehovot, there are various classes during the year, scientific camps, special seminars for grade schools and high schools and other groups. Such activities can take place both on campus or off, and we adapt  programs to the age, level and character of the group in order to create a  learning experience that encourages curiosity.
One of our areas of special expertise is veterinary and animal sciences. In the framework of the Veterinary Medicine School tours can be arranged of anatomy laboratories, the veterinary hospital, along with direct meetings with veterinarians, researchers, and lectures in the field of biotechnology, food science and agriculture, a tour of the research barn, a visit to the hive, phytotron, microscopy, poultry farm and research labs.

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