Soil and Water Sciences

The Department of Soil and Water Sciences

Environmental changes such as soil and water pollution, soil erosion, drought and soil depletion, are seriously affecting the ecosystem, which affects agriculture practices and food production.

To ensure that Israel is able to feed its growing population and maintain its agricultural export with limited soil and water resources, the development of state-of-the-art agriculture together with the preservation of the environment, have been pursued. These advances utilize the management of unique water resources (treated wastewater and desalinate waters), to create successful agriculture in an arid environment and to employ sustainable water treatment technologies.

Scientific activities in the Department of Soil and Water Sciences are focused on studying soil physics and soil chemistry while addressing the soil-water-atmosphere continuum.

soilThe Department's research topics are as follows:

  • Challenges of irrigating with fresh, reclaimed wastewater and desalinated sea water
  • Fate of emerging and classical pollutants in the soil-water system
  • Classical soil chemistry and soil fertility related to plant nutrition
  • Water repellent soils
  • Plant-water-atmosphere relationships
  • Soil physics
  • Water treatment by novel designed soil minerals

As the human population grows and our environment faces many new challenges, the interface between soil and water components is constantly evolving. The Department is uniquely poised to address novel challenges as they arise. The staff of researchers expect, through their teaching and original, innovative research, to continue to provide solutions which will contribute to human welfare, all while promoting and preserving a healthy environment.


The Department of Soil and Water Sciences
Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment,
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem,
P.O. Box 12
Rehovot 76100

Department Secretary: Neomi Maimon

tel: 972-8-9489340
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