Appendix A - Areas of specialization

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2020 - Scientific areas of specialization to which priority will be given

Department of Animal Sciences

Any aspect of farm Animal Sciences either at the cell, tissue or whole animal level. This includes production, welfare, physiology, nutrition, epigenetics, metabolism endocrinology, neurobiology, genetics and genomics.

Head of Department: Prof. Zehava Uni (e-mail: )


Institute of Biochemistry, Food Science and Nutrition

Priority 1: Any aspect of Food Sciences, including but not limited to advanced and novel aspects of food technology, processing, engineering and toxicology.

Priority 2: Any aspect related to human Nutritional Sciences and metabolism at the cellular, tissue and organism level, including but not limited to clinical nutrition, impact of nutrition on human disease, health and performance, and nutritional epidemiology.

Head of Institute: Prof. Oren Froy (e-mail:


Department of Entomology

Any aspect of Entomology, either at the molecular, physiological or ecological level, relevant to agriculture and the environment.

Head of Department: Prof. Boaz Yuval (e-mail: )


Department of Environmental Economics and Management

1. Any aspect of Economics related to agriculture, food, development, natural resources, and the environment.

2. Finance and Entrepreneurial Management.

Head of Department: Prof. Ayal Kimhi (e-mail:  )


Department of Plant Pathology and Microbiology

Plant-microbe, microbe-microbe, animal-microbe interactions; agriculture and environment -relevant microbiological processes; fungal and bacterial biology at large.

Head of Department: Prof. Edouard Jurkevitch (e-mail: )


Institute of Plant Sciences and Genetics in Agriculture

Any aspect of Plant Sciences, either at the molecular, cellular, whole plant, plant community or eco-system level, relevant to agriculture.

Head of Institute: Prof. David Weiss (e-mail: )


Department of Soil and Water Sciences

Any aspect of soil and water related to agricultural and environmental sciences including but not limited to soil organic matter, irrigation, soil fertility, flow and transport in the vadose zone.

Head of Department: Prof. Yael Mishael (e-mail: )