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The Robert H. Smith Faculty
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for the 2023-2024 Academic Year

The Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, invites applications for tenure-track faculty positions at all levels commencing from the 2023-2024 academic year.

Priority will be given to candidates who show originality and potential in one of the areas of specialization listed in Appendix A (very important to check this). We are particularly interested in candidates who have a strong track record in research, outstanding academic credentials and a strong commitment to undergraduate and graduate education. Candidates should have a Ph.D. degree (or equivalent for Veterinary Sciences) and Postdoctoral experience. Starting rank will be commensurate with the applicant’s qualifications. Filling of the positions will be dependent on availability of resources.

Department of Animal Sciences

Any aspect of Animal Sciences relevant to farm animals’ production including physiology, cellular and molecular biology, welfare and environmental footprint. Studies can be at the whole animal level, tissue, cell and molecular levels, and can include productivity, environment aspects, welfare, physiology, nutrition, muscle, epigenetics, metabolism, endocrinology, neurobiology, genetics and genomics and water quality.

Head of Department: Prof. Israel Rozenboim (Rully.r@mail.huji.ac.il)

Institute of Biochemistry, Food Science and Nutrition

Any aspect of food sciences and any aspect related to human nutritional sciences. Any aspect of food sciences, including but not limited to advanced and novel aspects of food technology such as synthetic biology, cultured food or 3D- printing, food safety/microbiology, lipid chemistry, carbohydrates chemistry, protein design and engineering, material science, processing and natural products from waste recovery, microfluidics and delivery system, block chain in food.

Any aspect related to human nutritional sciences and metabolism at the cellular, tissue and organism level, including but not limited to adipose tissue biology, impact of nutrition on human disease, health and performance, microbiome and gut-metabolic axis, personalized nutrition, metabolomics, neuroscience, appetite control, biology of digestion system.

Head of Institute: Prof. Oren Tirosh (oren.tirosh@mail.huji.ac.il)


Institute of Environmental Sciences


Excellent candidates whose interdisciplinary research is aligned with the institute’s mission, is relevant to environmental sciences and overlaps to some extent with one or more of the core disciplines at the Institute: Entomology, Plant Pathology and Microbiology, Soil and Water Sciences, Environmental Economics and Management.

Head of the institute: Prof. Sharoni Shafir (sharoni.shafir@mail.huji.ac.il).



Department of Entomology

Any aspect of Insect Science, either at the molecular, physiological or ecological level, relevant to agriculture and the environment. We are particularly interested in candidates who have a strong track record in research, outstanding academic credentials and a strong commitment to undergraduate and graduate education.

Head of Department: Dr. Yael Mandelik (yael.mandelik@mail.huji.ac.il).


Department of Environmental Economics and Management


Any aspect of economics/management related to the environment, natural resources, food or agriculture. The candidates should have demonstrated ability to conduct high-quality research in those aspects. The successful candidate is expected to teach undergraduate and/or graduate classes in Hebrew or English.

Head of Department: Dr. Ohad Raveh (ohad.raveh@mail.huji.ac.il)

Department of Plant Pathology and Microbiology

Any aspect of genetics, molecular and cellular biology, biochemistry and bioinformatics.

We seek a fungal biologist. The candidate is expected to establish a research program related to fungal-plant interactions, with emphasis on the fungal component. The candidate should have an excellent background in fungal biology including, but not limited to fungal-plant interactions or plant pathology, and be dedicated to develop an original research program relevant to agriculture and/or the environment.

Head of Department: Dr. Shay Covo ( shay.covo@mail.huji.ac.il ).


Institute of Plant Sciences and Genetics in Agriculture

Any aspect of Plant Sciences, either at the molecular, cellular, whole plant, plant community or ecosystem level. Priority will be given to excellent candidates with expertise in the field of Breeding. Priority will also be given to excellent candidates with experience in agricultural-related studies.

Head of Institute: Prof. David Weiss (david.weiss@mail.huji.ac.il )


Department of Soil and Water Sciences

Any aspect of soil and water sciences, such as soil fertility, soil physics, and soil chemistry.

Head of department: Dr. Eran Tas (eran.tas@mail.huji.ac.il)

Koret School of Veterinary Medicine

Any aspect of veterinary pathology, veterinary pharmacology, veterinary virology, veterinary microbiology, veterinary environmental sciences, animal welfare, veterinary food hygiene, immunology, veterinary physiology, physiology, farm animal (food-producing) medical sciences, and any other basic sciences associated with veterinary medicine.

Director of the School: Prof. Gad Baneth (gad.baneth@mail.huji.ac.il )



Successful candidates will be expected to establish and lead independent and original research teams, to obtain competitive research grants, to supervise graduate students, to teach courses in Hebrew at the undergraduate and graduate levels (as required by their school/institute/department), and to contribute to department and faculty activities. The Hebrew University is committed to building a culturally diverse faculty and strongly encourages applications from Arab candidates.

Applications should be submitted via the following website:  http://ttp.huji.ac.il

(First “Create an account” if you do not already have one; then “Sign In”; select “The Faculty of Agriculture Food and Environment”; select position “Faculty of Agriculture Tenure Track Faculty Positions - 2023”; click “Apply” and continue the application process in the position’s site)

Applications should include the following documents in English (preferably in PDF format):

  • Curriculum Vitae (according to the instructions in Appendix B).
  • List of publications (according to the instructions in Appendix C).
  • Scientific Biography (1-3 pages) as a summary of previous achievements.
  • A detailed description of future research plans, preferably in the form of a research proposal.
  • Teaching interests and specific courses planned.
  • Previous teaching experience, including evaluation reports (if available).
  • PDF files of 3 key articles.
  • Recommendation letters from the candidate’s Ph.D. and postdoctoral advisors.
  • A list of 3 additional academicians (name, name of institute and e-mail address) who may be approached by the Faculty to evaluate the candidate’s qualifications for the requested academic position.
  • Signed declaration regarding relatives employed by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (form to be filled out on the website).


Applications will be accepted until September 9, 2022 
(with the exception of Environmental Economics and Management, for which the deadline is December 1st, 2022).